Zetile Oil and Gas Limited is an indigenous company that plays in the downstream sector. Our value proposition span haulage, commercial and retail sales of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK). Zetile Oil and Gas also delivers energy services through exploration and production which steps involves finding. producing, processing oil and natural gas.
We have over the year formed a reliable, efficient and professional team that consistently support our strong network of customers across the globe. We pride ourselves as very-reliable , this has positioned us in the industry as the go-to distribution and serving energy brand within the downstream, midstream and upstream sector.
A company that is particularly invested in its people hence we consciously with the best ethical process possible recruit self-driven, passionate and audacious team members to drive and deliver the vision of the brand.


Our vision is to become a leading Oil and Gas storage and distribution company of choice in Africa.


Our mission is to every day deliver incomparable value through our quality products and superior services.


Following our superior value delivery position, we hope to be drivers of growth and development, consistently improving the economy while ensuring a maximum return to our shareholders.




Our Values
At Zetile Oil and Gas our seven winning values are expressed as evidence of who we are and what we believe in as an organisation.This also on a large scale guide our conduct and ethical stand which enables us curate and build healthy and long-term relationships with our stakeholders. It also serves as a compass that drives our every daily activity.



  1. Professionalism : Professionalism sits with us and our entire process , this helps to maintain long-lasting and satisfactory relationships.
  2. Safety : Because of the peculiarity of the terrain we operate in, safety is one of our core-winning values. Providing safety within our environments and entire stake holders . We place a high priority on all our assets.
  3. Quality: The quality of our product and services paired with efficient time management for project delivery has set us apart in the industry
  4. Integrity: The integrity of business operations at Zetile is key and non-negotiable. Ethical standards, accountability, corporate thinking to ensure alignment that achieves our overall goals while we seek and provide constructive feedback.
  5. Excellence : We are first a excellent people before an excellent organisation.We drive continuous excellent delivery from our staff by the reward systems we have in place to encourage and further deepen the culture of excellence.
  6. Respect: Respect for the system, its leaders, its people and compliance to the rule of law is fundamental to the culture at Zetile Oil.
  7. Teamwork : We strongly believe in the power of the collective. We know that efficient and purposeful collective efforts has great the ability to drive and deliver the organisations set goals. We continuously encourage teamwork among our team by creating a structured system that works for the people.

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